Charity Events

Charity Events have always been something I’ve wanted to get involved in from when I picked up my serious life threatening injury, to help raise money for great cause’s gives you satisfaction along with having lots of fun in the process.

It takes a great deal to organise such events and to raise awareness to as many people as possible targeting possible sponsors to help the cause. Any charity is a worthy one but the ones so far for me where I’ve either organised or taken part in have been Help for Heroes, McMillan Cancer Trust, When You Wish Upon a Star, Willen Hospice and Movember.

All these charities have been much fun involving Ice Hockey, Camping out by a lake fishing for a weekend in -20 winter conditions with heavy snow, Dying my hair white, growing a Moustache and winning the Local Hero Award in Nottingham for an act of Bravery.

You require that special person I call a peoples person no disrespect but not your average person can organise a charity event and raise lots of money with a great deal of success. I have several charity events in mind for the next few years but one I’m concentrating on right now that involves a great deal of energy.

The people that benefit from these charities can range from children to adults of all walks of life, they can have a serious illness, drug or alcohol addiction or to someone that’s working in our Forces that’s lost limbs during war.

So this give me the inspiration along with many others to go out there and do whatever it takes to raise as much money as possible for these very worthy causes, and there’s normally always a social night where contacts can be made, money handed over and everyone to have a good night socialising talking about their charity or donation given.