Politics Show

When going through the courts to get justice for what I went through and how I was treated by the owner at the time of the Sheffield Steelers, my Ice Hockey Club who I was playing for when I received my life threatening injury I eventually ended up going through 3 separate courts and 3 solicitors including the IHPA who represented me.

It got nowhere and I felt there was no one to turn to in my situation and what I was going through mentally and physically, this was when I contacted my local MP Paddy Tipping. Paddy was extremely helpful and contacted the Minister of Sport Richard Cabourne. After several months and letters being sent back and forth there was a summit meeting called for all Ice Hockey Chiefs to turn up and face the music.

Everybody turned up apart from the Chairman of the Elite League at that time and I felt very disappointed and let down. His excuse of a late flight wasn’t good enough when everyone else turned up the night before had a sit down meal and bonded for which was a very important meeting the following day.

So the Government lost patience and after 5 years of fighting for justice I felt deflated. Then Paddy in my defence asked me to go on the Politics Show Look North to give them as insight of how and what players go through after a life threatening injury with No medical Insurance policy.

It was filmed at the Sheffield Arena by the BBC and there was several questions asked me, the GM of the Steelers, IHPA Representative and Paddy Tipping.

Paddy was very outspoken stating he was worried that not only how I was treated but with the Olympics coming up on how Ice Hockey in the UK was run. He stated having a bunch of directors Govern the sport can simply fold a company name and start up again is not right, the video clip states this.

11 Years later I’m still fighting for justice and for the future players and officials of Great Britain.


The Politics Show – Marc Twaite from marctwaite on Vimeo.